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Hero Child
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IFS Therapy sessions


1. IFS therapy session, November 18, 2008: "Why are you on her side?"

2. IFS therapy session, December 18, 2008: "I will go crazy if I see the truth"

3. IFS session of January 22, 2009: "I want to belong home"

4. the robot, the cocoon part, the essence and the scream of justice - February 19, 2009

5. the origins of idealization - never in a million years - December 24, 2009

6. talk with my self-hatred - written therapy from 2001

7. quiet resignation versus the passion to have a voice - January 31, 2011

8. loneliness becomes worthlessness - May 9, 2011

9. Movie "Spotlight" touches my "Love of Truth" part - March 2016

10. my truth part living unknowingly as a child under the dark shadow of fascism

11. "Dress of Responsibility" — and "the Swamp"