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'Screams from Childhood', 'Captain I' and 'Captain II'.
Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
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Books Published by Barabara Press

Fly with Captain Reynard.

Follow an aviation career from first flight instructions in a Cessna 150 on to pilot in command of a Boeing 727.

"I would highly suggest this book to anyone interested in a career in aviation, or any person that has ever wondered how the guys on the other side of the cockpit door got to where they are."

    Douglas Taylor, jetcareers

Zen? Flying? Life Lessons?

Thay all blend together as Captain Reynards continues to carry the reader along on a very personal journey with this second letter to his grandson.

A true flying odyssey that spans 30 years and five continents. a clear view into the life of a commercial jet captain...enables us to see how that flying experience can be applied to everyday life...

Captain Robert Russo, UAL

"Captain II transports the reader into the world of commercial aviation. Rogers describes the environment with depth and insight. FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!"

Captain Dan Busta, ATA (ret.)

An unsettling, fascinating journey into the mind and soul of a woman who fights passionately to break the chains of an abusive childhood and the effects of an incestuous attack.

A book of struggle that becomes a song of liberation.

"Very powerful; compelling; intensely honest. Your book will make a lot of difference for a lot of people."
           Ken Levinson, writer