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A Hero Child

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Biography Barbara Rogers





Barbara was born in Essen, Germany, in 1950, where she lived until she was twenty-eight years old. For 19 years of her adult life, she lived in Chicago where she worked with different therapists, mainly in IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy and DMT (Dance Movement Therapy). For several years, she was a client of Dick Schwartz, who developed IFS therapy. She got her BA from Columbia College in Chicago in 1997 and has completed the IFS level I and level II trainings.

Since 2005, Barbara has lived in Mexico where she worked for several years as an IFS therapist. Now, she teaches piano and is working on a new writing projekt.

You can read about her childhood in her book Screams from Childhood -- and more about her life journey in her essay "Facing a Wall of Silence" from the book Second Generation Voices, edited by Naomi and Alan Berger. It was published in 2001 by Syracuse University Press. In German: Begegnung mit einer Mauer des Schweigens; in Spanish: Enfrentando una pared de silencio.

At the Folkwang Schule in Essen, she studied piano in the late sixties and early seventies; she has taught piano for many years and been an ardent chamber musician for a long time. Married and divorced twice, she is the mother of two children, mother-in-law of two daughters-in-law, and grandmother of five grandchildren.

From 2005 until 2008, she worked with Alice Miller for Alice Miller's website, where Barbara also answered readers' letters. In "Escape from the Fog of Admiration," and in "Alice Miller: War Trauma and Betrayal Trauma," Barbara has tried to come to grips with the shocking break and end of her relationship with Alice Miller — and the truth about Alice Miller's life, which she learned from her son Martin Miller.