Screams from Childhood - walled in

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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walled in

I grew up in a big house
surrounded by a high wall
an impressive staircase led up to the entrance door
framed by two big columns
up there I could overlook the huge garden and the swimming pool
—to people on the outside I was growing up in paradise

I did not know about life outside
I was not allowed to leave this walled-in world
except for visits to my grandparents, the island in the summer
or to go to school—I was seven or eight years old
when a boy from my class came to the big gate
he rang our doorbell and wanted to play with me
I went to the gate and opened it—but I had to send him away

fascinated by life outside of the big wall
I felt sad and lonely inside
I could not make sense of anything
my sorrow and pain were shoved away
you have everything—a swimming pool—rich parents
you live in a big beautiful house with a big beautiful garden
how dare you complain—what is your problem?

I did not feel I had everything—only rarely
could I spend time with my parents
I lived far away from them
on the third floor, in a different world from theirs
where nannies took care of me


© Barbara Rogers

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Screams from Childhood

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