The screams provide the way out

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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the screams provide the way out

I did not want to know about the hell of fear and pain
the nightmares of loneliness and confusion
inside me

unconscious truth continued its work of destruction
because I was not supposed to voice my screams

hidden away like a shameful original sin
they had to remain underground deep inside
horrors of childhood
passed on from generation to generation

as I studied the dark night of my childhood
I have learned to see truthfully

I have come to realize that my screams are not crimes
but most precious messengers of a buried past

the screams reveal the emotional reality of my childhood
they show me the truth of the powerless child
they reveal her total dependency
they paint, with words and feelings, the child's ordeal

the screams become my truth
provided by life and nature to save a soul

voicing my screams is my key to freedom and life
voicing the screams that could never live
and were never heard
becomes my way out


© Barbara Rogers

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Screams from Childhood