Hero Child

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Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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little circus horse
written in Germany, 1987

nicely—the little circus horse is running her circles
bright glistening light and admiration blind her

the daring tricks are accomplished—exit—to the stable

the circus director bows—now all the glory falls upon him
everyone looks at him
how wonderfully has he trained the little horse—what a man
—with such a talented daughter

the little horse is standing lonely in the stable

how nicely—the daughter performs her artistry at the piano
sometimes—when her accomplishment is perfect
when she has played her piece of music
by heart—without a single mistake—perfectly
the little circus horse gets a gift—not sugar, oh no
nothing that she really desires
nothing she truly wants, oh no
she is allowed to amass a collection
of carved wooden bears her father brings home from his trips

wooden bears mean nothing to the daughter
but the attention and praise of her father
mean everything in the world to her
for a moment of admiration—for a delusion—she sells her soul
without knowing it

the little circus horse says that she loves the bears
and displays them proudly
but later—the daughter destroys them

© Barbara Rogers

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