Hero Child

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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the emperor

written in Germany in 1985

the emperor has ascended the throne one more time
she announces to the subject
as you don’t take care of me anymore
I had at least expected you
to take care of my weak, old spouse
your father

hidden behind those visible words is the message
you don’t do enough for me
you are a bad subject
I don’t take pleasure in you anymore
I condemn you—you don’t live up to my expectations

the subject is stunned
in the emperor’s Reich the subject does not exist
as a human being—with the right to be herself
in this kingdom
a subject is nothing but a non-person
expected to serve and fulfill the emperor’s demands

this non-person struggled to survive a most painful year
tried to find a life in the old world
and explored the possibility of somehow living
in her mother’s kingdom

the subject vows to leave the kingdom
there are places in the world
where one does not have to live as subject and emperor

this is where I want to live


© Barbara Rogers

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