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My book, articles and website are dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers and consequences of mistreatment and violence against children. With my work, I want to provide support and encouragement for the victims of child abuse and neglect to speak up and break the silence, also about meaningful therapy. When we can experience and share the long suppressed feelings of the suffering child, we realize the destructive consequences of the pain, the horrors, the terror and agony endured in childhood, become aware of our childhood realities, get to know our histories, connect with our long suppressed protest and outrage and claim our true selves.

Vorwort: Ein mutiges Kind
1. Kapitel - Ein Ausweg
zu Martin Millers Buch "Das wahre Drama des begabten Kindes"
  Ausbruch aus dem Nebel der Bewunderung - meine Entgegung an Alice Miller


Spiritualität zementiert die Blindheit und die Illusionen der Kindheit

Liebesbrief an meinen Ärger
Begegnung mit einer Mauer des Schweigens
Der Schwindel vom "false memory syndrome"
Begegnung mit meinem Selbshass
Die Falle der Vergebung
sobre el Libro de Martin Miller "El verdadero drama del niño dotado"
escape de la bruma de la admiracion - respuesta a Aliice Miller
  la espiritualidad cementa la ceguera de la niñez
enfrentando una pared de silencio
una carta de amor a mi enojo
capitulo 1
prefacio: une niña héroe

Barbara's book "screams from childhood" shares the unsettling, fascinating journey into the mind and soul of a woman who fights passionately to break the chains of an abusive childhood and to overcome the effects of an incestuous attack. A book of struggle that becomes a song of liberation.

"Very powerful; compelling; intensely honest. Your book will make a lot of difference for a lot of people." Ken Levinson, writer

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