Hero Child

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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the language of love

the baby does not understand words
the words—I love you—mean nothing to her
she feels loved when arms hold her
when she feels and smells her mother’s body
hears her mother’s beloved voice and looks into loving eyes

the baby does not feel loved when pain is inflicted
by holding her up on her legs just as she is born
or when she is separated from her mother
whose body and voice have been her home for nine months
the baby does not feel loved when beatings hit her tender body
when pain and fear destroy her trust in her mother and in life

she is not taught the language of love
but the language of violence and indifference
a behavioral language is already taught to her
when she has no words
when her brain is most vulnerable, growing dramatically
and has no way to figure things out and to recognize reality
she has no one on her side to help her realize
that crimes are committed against her
there is no one to stop or educate her parents

the unconscious language of hatred and violence is forced deeply
into every cell of her body—before she can verbally communicate
the language of violence is passed on to her
and the energies of violence, hatred and evil are born
and brought into our world

the language of violence is a crime against humanity
but it is universally accepted as great wisdom
—taught and practiced all over the world—while we turn away
from the screams of the victims—mankind’s children

© Barbara Rogers

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