Hero Child

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Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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unbearable silence

your silence is a black night around me
the annihilation of my existence, of my desire to live
of my love—a burning flame—look at me, listen to me
hear me, notice me—I love you

your silence—a dungeon without light that imprisons me
alone in my dungeon the black night devours me
with endless loneliness

my screams and questions—without answer
I cannot live—without answer
I cannot become a human being—without answer

I have grown silent, lost my words
I can only answer your silence with silence, too

I close the door between us
I cannot bear the pain over your indifference, father
so I leave your dungeon of the black night
in order to be with my mother in her world

although I am persecuted and tortured there
I have no other choice—either the black night of your silence
or the hell of her persecution and fear

never could I choose the dungeon of the black night
because hope did not exist there
I would not have survived without hope


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© Barbara Rogers

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