Hero Child

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Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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if you do something for yourself

I have written to one of my sisters that I have entered therapy
she responds with a letter where I stumble over the sentence
that doing therapy is 'elitist and anti-social'

as I read these words I am overwhelmed by anxiety
it won't go away and is so strong that I dare to call my therapist

my anxiety disappears the moment he says
your family is against you when you do something for yourself

I find it utterly unimaginable—there are places in this world
where I am not judged as selfish and wrong
if I want to get off drugs
try to communicate with my soul
try to change the fear that rules me
try to help the agony of my mind
if I long to claim my voice and my life

a powerful truth reaches me
there are human beings who live differently from my family
they see our true Selves as being entrusted to us
to be cherished, nurtured and unfolded
to let them live and shine

they regard our true Self as a precious gift that life entrusts to us
they consider caring for it
as our life's essential responsibility and task

I hang up the telephone stunned and peaceful
my life is changed forever


© Barbara Rogers

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