Hero Child

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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swamp of worthlessness

I see a child stuck in a swamp of messages
that scream her worthlessness

insults and devastating words ooze over her
and cover her like mud
suffocating, she struggles for each strangled breath
desperately she wants to prove her worth
and gain any sign of approval
I am good—I am obedient—I deserve your love
her soul cries

I hear her muffled cries and reach out to her
she grabs my hand—I pull her out
we stand there looking back
a final curse is thrown at us
we hear the words—unforgiving, ungrateful

we are daring to flee those who believe the swamp should exist

hearing their accusations and reproaches, my spirit says
take this child forever from this place
where her voice is stifled and her cries are drowned

we turn toward the sun and walk on firm ground into the light
and I know exactly why some people lose their sanity
they cannot escape from the mire of guilt and blame

I have saved this tortured child
I carry her in my arms
I reveal the truth to her

to the swamp we shall never return

© Barbara Rogers

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