Screams from Childhood

book on child abuse

therapeutic books

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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Published by Barabara Press


Thank you!

This book is built on the support of wonderful human beings:
I am grateful to my therapists Allen Siegel,
Gina Demos, Richard Schwartz, and Melody Allen,
who helped me face my past.

I am grateful to Alice Miller, whose courageous books
inspired me to break the power of my past and claim my life.

I am grateful for precious friendships: Heide, Lucy, Alice,
Ortrun, Dieter, Jerry, Eva and Eva, Stephanie, Marina, Jutta, Reni, Guilly, Marlys, MaryCarmen, and my cousin Regina.

I am grateful for the encouragement and great help
of my editors Amy, Sareda and Earl,
and of the writers’ group in San Miguel with
Marge, Sareda, Gabriella, Helen, Dorothy, and Ken.

I am grateful to Silvia,
who provided the gift of time for writing and of time for myself.

I am grateful to my youngest brother Andreas,
whose support creates a miraculous haven for the “lost daughter.”

I am grateful for the love of my children, Max and Sebastian,
and of my daughter-in-law, Ute. They have granted me
generous support for my rather unusual life journey.

I am grateful to my granddaughters, Hannah and Marlene,
for all the joy they bring into my life.

I am grateful to my step-children Sarah, Rose, and David,
and my most loveable step-grandson Preston
for the love we have shared.

I am grateful to Earl, whose love carried me into life.
His support helped me accomplish my journey and this book.