Hero Child

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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the unnoticed injury

reprimanded for any step of my own
I struggled through fear, persecution, betrayal
but no one recognized how wounded I was—that terrible things
had happened to my brain and emotional health
that intellectual bruises and emotional bleeding
had turned my life into a fearful ordeal

like a badly sprained ankle that could not heal
my mind remained a severely injured part of my body
that kept me from being my Self
from walking and living freely—with confidence and awareness

it made me a cripple
programmed to conform and submit willingly

the behavioral symptoms of the scared, intimidated child
were considered the impertinence of a disobedient monster

no visible wounds, no blood, no witness—no one called a doctor
no one said—she suffers—she is in pain and needs help
so the wounds were not treated and festered

the injuries clogged my mind, blocked my thinking
restricted my freedom and independence
took away my confidence and powerq

I could not walk into life—but held on with stiffened reflexes
to what had made the child look good and feel safe
enduring suffering with a smile


© Barbara Rogers

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