Hero Child

Biography Barbara Rogers
Foreword: A Hero Child
Chapter 1
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walking together into life


frightened and terrified – the child in my arms

I comfort her – I hold her – I make her feel safe


behind her – terrified

generations of mothers and fathers screams – don't go

don't trust yourself – never trust your true Self


still full of fear – listening to those voices –

she makes timidly her very first steps into life


I gently talk to her and encourage her to trust me

to trust that I will care for her – that we will be all right

that life is not like the nightmares of her past

to trust that we don't need a lifeline anymore

clinging to and holding onto others who tell us

how we should be, what to do and what to believe

who want to judge and define us


with warmth and love I support her to take her first steps

these are revolutionary steps

away – from the destructive, violent battlefield

out – of the unbearable horror

out – of the dungeon filled with unimaginable fear and terror


what was familiar territory seemed until now safer

than the world outside – than reality and life

safer – than the truth – than to trust my true Self


I am holding her hand – she is holding my hand

she is beginning to trust me

and to walk with me


tears are streaming from our eyes, down our cheeks

tears of sorrow, mourning the past

tears of joy, welcoming life

we cry and laugh together – full of fear and joy


we celebrate this incredible moment

we marvel how it ever happened – how it ever was possible

that we found each other and can be together


that we could escape the dungeon and be free

to walk together, hand in hand, into life


© Barbara Rogers

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